Holy Joe's

ACUCC hosts quartlery Holy Joe's Cafe social hours to raise money for United Church of Christ military chaplains.  Chaplains abroad in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait use the funds to create Holy Joe's Cafes as way to invite U.S. soldiers into a safe and informal place where they can receive spiritual care and good coffee. In 2015, ACUCC was able to send 550 pounds of coffee to our soldiers overseas.

Coffee may be an unlikely ally of the Gospel yet in the hands of a chaplain it can enable meaningful ministry. By offering a place to come, relax, and talk with chaplains, Holy Joe's provide our military personnel with a place where they can be emotionally and spiritually renewed and have a moment of peace as well as a cup of gourmet coffee. It opens doors to communication and allows troops to begin to heal their concerns and relieve their burdens related to the home front or their deployment.

At this time our troops continue to be deployed in many countries where they encounter very difficult, life–threatening situations. Their daily experiences extract an extreme physical, emotional and psychological toll. Our chaplains are the first line of defense against the emotional and psychological issues faced by our troops. Whether or not we agree with our country’s foreign policy, we continue to offer our troops a cup of coffee and support them through the military chaplain’s ministry.

Supporting Holy Joe's allows ACUCC to simultaneously participate in the UCC Fair Trade Project by sending Equal Exchange Coffee to the military chaplains.