What to expect at a service

When are your services?

Our Sunday Service begins with announcements at 10:00am.  In most cases worship is completed by 11:00am. When there are special elements, for example, a baptism or communion, the service may be 5 to 15 minutes longer.

Where can my children go while I attend the worship service?

Children are welcome to attend the worship service and are welcome everywhere adults are. Childcare is offered for pre-school aged children in our nursery, just behind the sanctuary, during our 10AM Worship Service. Older children are invited to attend Sunday School classes which begin after the Children's Chat is given, about 10 minutes into the service.

What makes the ACUCC different from other churches?

Even though we have been in existence since 1840, our faith perspectives are grounded in the contemporary world. We honor and respect the past even as we live in the present and set our gaze toward the future.  As a Christian congregation, we acknowledge Jesus Christ as our pathway to God and look to his example as the plumb line against which we measure our faith and discipleship. We do our best to live out the "double love commandment" to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves by seeking justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God.

Can anyone receive communion at ACUCC?

Yes!  We celebrate communion the third Sunday of each month and the Communion table is open to anyone who wishes share in the sacrament. We understand that Christ ate at table with everyone, regardless of who they were or where they were on life's journey. The table belongs to Christ, not our congregation or denomination, and as the host Christ invites everyone to the meal, including children.  Our bread is gluten-free and our cup is grape juice.

Do I need to bring a bible?

A Bible is not required. Our Sunday bulletin gives all that is needed to participate in our service. When passages from the Bible are read aloud, some find it helpful to follow along in a Bible. Bibles are provided for this purpose in the pew racks at each seat. However, if you have a favorite translation, please feel free to bring it.

Does everyone in your congregation think the same way?

We acknowledge and appreciate that each person is at a different place on their faith journey. We don't require our members to think the same and celebrate that our diversity and different perspectives lead us to a fuller and deeper understanding of who God is, how God is acting in the world, and what our Christian response to God's unconditional love for us should be.  This is why being in a church community is so important to us. We are not told what to think but are challenged to explore the depths of our faith. We are not afraid to ask questions and readily admit we don't have all the answers. Life is a journey and God is still speaking.

What should I wear to service?

You should come as you are and be comfortable! Some wear jeans and others wear a dress or a tie. Most dress casually in a way that respects the service. Regardless of what you wear, God loves you just the way you are.

How do I learn more about your Church without pressure to join?

The pastor is available to greet you after worship and find a mutually agreeable time to have a conversation, or you can call the church office during office hours to make an appointment. If you fill out a blue visitor card during worship, you can note your interest in having a conversation and someone will contact you in the week ahead. You'll find we are not a high pressure church, because we think it's most important that you are comfortable and spiritually nourished in the church home you choose.